150 + Trending Physical Therapy Topics for Research & Presentation

Physical therapy is a dynamic field with many emerging trends and topics related to healing, meditation, therapies and techniques. Trending physical therapy topics are great for discussion or for presentation purposes. There are various popular therapy topics including the sub-topics to discuss or to study. Here are the list of top 150 plus trending physical therapy topics based on its popularity, search interest and trends on internet.

trending physical therapy topics

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Orthopedic physical therapy is related to bone injuries and their treatment by the use of physical therapy. Some of the trending orthopedic physical therapy topics are:

Musculoskeletal injuries and its possible treatments.
Rehabilitation techniques and Post care.
Orthopedic treatments using different physical therapy to avoid surgical operations.
Manual and simple injuries based orthopedic physical therapy and techniques.
Neuro-muscles re-growing therapy.
Orthopedic pain management for better rehabilitations by using kinesiology tape.
Evidence-based practice and exercise.
The role and impact of technology on orthopedic rehabilitation.
Chronic pain managements techniques in patients.
Determination and practice of pre-rehabilitation for orthopedic surgery.

Neurological Physical Therapy

Neurology disorders can be cured by the use of physical therapy. Different techniques can be implemented depending upon the nature and type of neuro disorders.

Methods to practice for minimizing stoke rehabilitation.
Neuroplasticity curing curve with regular therapy.
Management of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.
Studying the balance in vestibular disorders through rehabilitation.
Role of robotics and AI technology in neuro rehabilitation practice.
The effect of constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) for controlling and curing strokes.
The result of physical therapy in spinal cord injury and methods for maximizing the output.
Effect of gait training in patients suffering from long term neurological disorders
Advantages of neurological therapy in children.
Study reports on cognitive rehabilitation in neurological disorders.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

The early intervention in pediatric physical therapy.
Analysis of pediatric orthopedic conditions and treatments.
The effect of physical therapy on children and their developmental stages.
Integration of sensory elements in pediatric therapy.
Physical therapy on autism spectrum disorder in newborn and infants.
Management of cerebral palsy disorders.
In pediatric sports injuries and possible rehabilitation.
The role of play in pediatric physical therapy for proper development.
Methods and practice for school-based physical therapy and services.
Uses of telehealth in pediatric therapy.

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy

cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy topics

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation of heart surgery.
Prescription of trusted exercise for improving cardiovascular health.
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) management.
Rehabilitation and reduction of cardiac related disorders.
Implementation and effect of high-intensity interval training for better cardiac health.
Techniques of pulmonary rehabilitation for proper respiration and breathing system.
Physical therapy practices for pulmonary fibrosis disorders.
Pulmonary hypertension and its role in physical therapy practices.
Management of cardiovascular and pulmonary disorders by use of tele-rehabilitation.
The effect of home-based exercise for cardiac patients.

Geriatric Physical Therapy

Practice of therapy on aging and retardation process.
Fall prevention and longevity in older adults.
The effect of physical therapy in osteoporosis and bone de-calcination.
Arthritis management and practices.
Dementia disorders and its curing with physical therapy approaches.
Physical therapy and end-of-life care for older ones.
The effect of palliative care after physical therapy practices.
Impact of telehealth in geriatric disorders patients.
Home health and routine physical therapy for elderly.
The impact of physical therapy in loneliness and demotivated people.

Sports and Athletic Rehabilitation

The impact of sports and routine exercise in people.
The management of overuse injuries in athletes.
Prevention of injuries in sports and athletics using physical therapy techniques.
Analysis of biomechanical rehabilitation in sports.
Study on concussion management and related rehabilitation.
Implementation of return-to-play protocols in sports and athletics.
The improvement of results in sports through physical therapy.
The impact of team-based care in sports rehabilitation.
On collaboration and relation between athletic trainers and physical therapist.
Study on Injury risk and its minimization in athletes.

Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

The management of pelvic floor pain and disorders by physical therapy.
The impact of physical therapy on pre and postpartum.
Proper management of menstrual cycle by physical therapy.
On backbone, pelvic and intestinal pain management.
Prolapsing of pelvic organs by rehabilitation.
Essential of physical therapy in sexual dysfunction.
Improving biofeedback related to pelvic floor.
Possible approaches in enhancing women’s health through physical therapy.
On Post-hysterectomy and its rehabilitation methods.
Improvement of healthcare in transgender and physical therapy.

Occupational Health and Ergonomics

Ergonomics and injury prevention by practicing physical therapy.
Strain injuries and physical therapy.
Ergonomic assessments in the workplace and its implementation.
Physical therapy for return-to-work programs.
Collaboration in the occupational therapy & physical therapy.
Physical therapy for the work-related musculoskeletal disorders.
Collaboration in telework ergonomics and well-being.
On the workforce related ageing and disorders.
Cognitive rehabilitation possibilities related to heavy work injuries.
Physical therapy importance and functional capacity evaluations.

Global Health and Community-Based Physical Therapy

Physical therapy education and practices in underserved communities.
Methods and tools to access physical therapy worldwide.
Impact of tele-rehabilitation in global health.
Minimizing disaster response & physical therapy.
Development of missions in humanitarian physical therapy.
The effect of cultural competence in physical therapy.
Collations in international physical therapy.
Study on physical therapy on Refugee and their healthcare.
The development of health initiatives and physical therapy.
Research on physical therapy for community-based wellness.

Technology in Physical Therapy

The use of virtual reality in rehabilitation.
Use of technology and wearable gadgets for tracking patient progress.
Services on telehealth and physical therapy.
The advantages of robotics and exoskeletons in physical therapy.
Implementation of AI in rehab exercises.
Mobile devices and apps for home-based therapy.
The use of 3D printings and gadgets in orthotics and prosthetics.
Gamification on exercise, planning and results.
The use of applications for biofeedback and neurofeedback purposes.
The implementation of smart tools and devices for remote patient monitoring.

Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Advancements and research on therapy research.
Analysis of therapy in Meta.
Analysis of outcomes and data collection.
The impact of evidence-based practice and its reviews.
The impact of research in translational physical therapy.
Project on qualitative research for rehabilitation science.
Implementation of biomechanical research.
Ethics and use of research in physical therapy.
Clinical practice and patient-reported outcomes.
Translation of knowledge and its science of implementation.

Cultural Competence and Diversity in Physical Therapy

Diversity and improvement in the physical therapy profession.
Development of Cultural competence and patient care.
Physical therapy in LGBTQ+ inclusivity.
Finding and maintaining healthcare disparities & rehabilitation.
Promotion of disability awareness and advocacy.
The impact of multilingual communication in physical therapy.
The pros of therapy in trauma-informed care.
Understanding Intersectionality in healthcare.
The use and implementation of indigenous perspectives and physical therapy.
The need of healthcare in Refugees and immigrants.

Mental Health and Physical Therapy

mental health physical therapy topics

Physical therapy roles and its advantages in mental health.
The regular exercise therapy for balancing mental health.
Study on trauma-informed care.
The impact of physical therapy in mindfulness and relaxation methods.
Handling techniques of anxiety and depression in patients.
Self-care and protections from other’s illness in physical therapists.
Methodologies for coping burnout and stress.
Proper holistic approaches to mental and physical well-being.
The use of teletherapy for mental health and support.
Collaboration and peering supportive networks and teams.

Nutrition and Physical Therapy

Nutrition types and requirements for recovery and healing.
The impact of routine nutrients guidelines in patients.
Methods to manage chronic conditions through diet.
Proper study on nutritional support for athletes.
Weight management through proper nutrients.
Study on market nutritional supplements and suggestion for any lacking.
Proper use of dietary for pediatric patients.
Integration of nutrition and counseling in physical therapy.
Challenges of nutrients suppliers in over demanding world.
Pros and cons of cultural dietary in respective patients.

Pain Management

Multimodal pain management through efficient approaches.
The alternatives to medicines and opioid in pain treatment.
Awareness in pain neuroscience through suitable physical therapy.
Use of natural rehabilitation methods in pain control.
Pain addressing and managing through modern tools.

There are several trending physical therapy topics to discuss, study of for attending presentations. Choosing trending topics will always be interesting to the listeners and audience. The above lists are based on trending, popularity, people’s interest and the need for today’s generation basis. Choosing the best of your interest and background knowledge will help you stand out of the crowd.