300+ Trending Scientific Research Topics To specialize & Publish in Top Journals

Research on trending topics gives a researcher more exposer in scientific communities. It also gave them a chance to publish their work in top tier journals like Nature, American Chemical Society (ACS), Nature Medicine, Elsevier, Cell and more. Each year, research and discoveries in science and technology opens a gateway to new ideas and topics. You can choose the best trending scientific research topics related to your interest and expertise. Here are the collections of most trending scientific research topics in medicinal science, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, drugs discovery, environmental science, zoology, botany, geology, engineering, computer science and AI.

top trending scientific research topics 2023
Trending Scientific Research Topics

Trending Scientific Research Topics in Medical Science

Medical science research is mostly carried by medical students practicing medicine and surgery. Due to its similarities to natural science fields like Chemistry, Zoology and Physiology researchers usually collaborate or may work independently on the same topics. Some of the most trending scientific topics related to medical science are listed below.

  1. Research on pandemic such as coronavirus, its variants, treatments, diseases outbreak and development of more advanced vaccines for future.
  2. Advancement and development on genomic medicine for more reliable efficient treatment plans based on individual’s genetic makeup.
  3. Understanding and implementation of AI and machine Learning in healthcare to simplify the discovery and treatment of disease.
  4. Advancement in immunotherapy for cancer immunotherapy, checkpoint inhibitors, CAR-T cell therapy and efficient cancer vaccines.
  5. Research on neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer, Parkinson diseases for treatments and early diagnosis.
  6. Investigation on aging and longevity for understanding biology of aging, possible slowing down techniques, medicines to promote healthy aging and extend lifespan.
  7. Ethical practice on gene editing and CRISPR to edit genes for better health, curing inborn diseases by using technologies like CRISPR-Cas9.
  8. Use and research on stem cells for regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, cancers curation as well as treatment of various diseases.
  9. Research on precision oncology for treatmenting patients based on their genetic profiles and tumor characteristics.
  10. Understanding and advancement in neuroscience and brain health including neuroplasticity, brain-computer interfaces and possible treatments for neurological disorders.
  11. Research on metabolic health to links between metabolism, obesity and chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease to cure and control more efficiently.
  12. Exploring the microbiome and gut health to discover gut microbiome in health and disease, its role on immunity, digestion and mental health.
  13. Understanding rare diseases along with its characterization and finding the possible treatments.
  14. In telemedicine and remote health to monitor and expansion of telehealth services, technology-based service integration.
  15. Studying environmental health and its factors like air, water pollution, climate change and their impact on public health.
  16. Research on vaccination and its development to invent new vaccines, vaccine hesitancy and improvement in vaccine distribution.
  17. Research on mental health and well-being to address mental health, depression, anxiety and stress-related disorders and its possible efficient treatments.
  18. In regulatory and ethical issues for medical research, clinical trials and healthcare policy.
  19. Research efforts on global health equity to decrease healthcare disparities and increase medical care worldwide.
  20. Research on artificial organs and its transplantation for replacing cut-off and injured organs with least side effects by utilizing the bio raw nanoparticles/materials.

Trending Scientific Research Topics in Chemistry

  1. Green Chemistry: Developing sustainable and environmentally friendly chemical processes, products and materials
  2. Nanomaterials: Synthesis, characterization, and applications of different nanomaterials and discovering new properties and applications.
  3. Catalysis: Improvement and advancement of catalytic chemical process for efficient chemical conversions in heterogeneous and homogeneous catalytic process.
  4. Organic Synthesis: Developing new chemical reactions for synthesis of Nobel compounds or advancement of different older synthesis procedure in synthesis of pharmaceutical and organic molecules to maximize productivity and efficiency.
  5. Materials for Energy Storage: Research on materials for batteries, supercapacitors, and other energy storage devices.
  6. Supramolecular Chemistry: Exploring non-covalent interactions to design functional molecular assemblies and host-guest systems.
  7. Chemical Biology: Investigating the biochemical processes for better understanding the processes in the body and developing chemical tools for studying biology.
  8. Medicinal Chemistry: This is the one of the most trending topics among chemistry researchers. Designing, synthesizing and testing of different drugs and pharmaceuticals products for curing diseases and infections.
  9. Surface Chemistry: Understanding the properties of surfaces reactivity of different solids, liquid and gases. Developing and understanding their role and applications in real life.
  10. Chemical Sensors: Development of sensors for detecting gases, ions and biomolecules for environmental and medical monitoring.
    11.1Renewable Energy: Research on solar cells, photovoltaics and sustainable energy conversion technologies.
  11. Analytical Chemistry: Innovations in analytical techniques, instrumentation and methods for chemical analysis.
  12. 1Chemical Engineering: Developing lab-based processes and then implementing for advancements in chemical engineering processes, reactor design, and their optimization.
  13. Artificial Intelligence and Chemistry: Applications of AI and machine learning in chemical research, drug discovery, visualizing 3D models of chemicals and materials design.
  14. Chemical Safety and Toxicology: Studying the hazardous properties of specific chemicals and their impacts on environment, human health and ecosystem.
  15. Coordination Chemistry: Investigation of coordination compounds, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), chelated compound, cage compound and their applications.
  16. Electrochemistry: Research on electrochemical reactions, fuel cells, long term usability of batterie’s power and electrocatalysis for chemical coating, refining and corrosion protection.
  17. Sustainable Polymers: Development of biodegradable and eco-friendly polymers, plastics an reusability of plastics for environmental pollution control.
  18. Chemoinformatics: Using computer and coded program software methods, predicting and analyzing different chemical properties.
  19. Environmental Chemistry: Developing new methods for purifying water from different sources, determinations of harmful metals in water samples and implanting various chemical process for purifying it to ensure health safety in society. Developing different approaches for environmental safety and to balance nature.
  20. Molecular Electronics: Testing and implementing the use of molecules such as carbon, graphite, and silicon in electronic devices and computing.
  21. Chemistry of Food and Flavors: Studying the chemistry behind the food composition, natural and chemical based flavor compounds and investigating different methods of food safety in industries.

Trending Scientific Research Topics in Physics

  1. Development and in-depth study of quantum information and computing for quantum teleportation, quantum information theory, quantum computer’s algorithms for various modern applications.
  2. Study on quantum information and entanglement for quantum teleportation and quantum information theory.
  3. Research on dark matter and dark energy to understand the nature and properties of dark matter, dark energy governing in the universe.
  4. Research on high energy particle physics such as large hadron collider (LHC) to discover new particles and probes for the fundamental forces of nature.
  5. Study on gravitational waves and its sources including black holes, cosmos, planets and stars.
  6. Investigation on cosmology and the early universe to track the evolutionary history, backgrounds and evolutionary facts.
  7. Research on theoretical quantum field theory for describing the behavior of quantum fields and particles.
  8. Study on condensed matters, superconductors, topological insulators and its applications.
  9. Advancement in ultrafast laser sources, tools and its applications in spectroscopy and microscopy for improving laser science.
  10. Research on neutrino physics, its properties, mass and oscillations for in-depth discovery to neutrino world.
  11. Study on topological phases of insulators, semimetals and their unique electronic properties.
  12. Discovery on exoplanet possibly orbiting in the universe and finding the outer terrestrial live forms on them as well search for habitable planets.
  13. Developing the framework on superstring theory and its applications fundamental forces in physics.
  14. Research on atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics for precision measurements.
  15. Study on plasma physics for development of high-temperature plasma, fusion energy and space plasma physics.
  16. Investigation on biophysics to understand and design biological systems, cellular processes and biomechanics.
  17. Development of quantum sensing and metrology for precise measurements such as atomic clocks and magnetometers.
  18. Research on high-performance computing devices by utilizing the complex physical systems, supercomputers and modules.
  19. Development in photonics and optoelectronics for advanced optical technologies for communication, imaging and sensing.
  20. Research on materials science and nanotechnology to develop advanced materials, nanostructure and for utilizing in electronics and energy applications.
  21. Study on quantum simulation for use in quantum computers to simulate quantum systems and phenomena.
  22. Development through research on holography and information storage technologies and their applications.
  23. Study on nonlinear dynamics and chaos phenomena in physics, biology and engineering.

Trending Scientific Research Topics in Environmental Science

scientific environmental trending topics
  1. Environmental science research on climate change mitigation and adaptation topics to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to the impacts of climate change.
  2. Research on biodiversity conservation to protect endangered species, possible threats and balancing ecosystems.
  3. Enhancing sustainable agriculture for maximizing productivity, breeding environmental resistant crops etc.
  4. Advancement on renewable energy such as solar, wind, hydropower, bioenergy to conserve fossils fuels.
  5. Development of pollution control tools and techniques for mitigating air, water and soil pollution for sustainable green environment.
  6. Development of methods for ecosystem restoration for balancing between species and nature.
  7. Management methods for waste and their possible reduction, recycling and ecofriendly disposal.
  8. Research on urban sustainability, planning, transportation and infrastructure.
  9. Development of sustainable water resources management including groundwater and freshwater resources for quality drinking water supply free from containments issues.
  10. Investigating on environmental health and its impact on human health, environmental air and water quality.
  11. Research on oceanography to protect marine biodiversity, and the possible impacts of climate change on the oceans.
  12. Research on the efforts and breeding programs for conservation genetics.
  13. Studying Forest ecology for controlling deforestation, afforestation and its management.
  14. Evaluating and improving environmental policy and regulation for improving environmental conditions and its maintenance.
  15. Reporting environmental justice to ensuring equitable access to a clean environment.
  16. Using and implementing remote sensing and GIS techniques for collecting satellite and geospatial data for environmental monitoring and assessment.
  17. Understanding ecosystem services through research for quantifying the benefits to ecosystems and society.
  18. Research on sustainable Fisheries and aquaculture practices for maximizing the productions, controlling the disorders and diseases related to fishes and marine life.
  19. Studying land use for habitation, ecosystems and biodiversity.
  20. Investigation on microplastics its pollution with suitable controls, minimizing the use and its impact on environment.
  21. Designing and implementing green infrastructure for pollution control, friendly environment and possible solutions in urban areas.
  22. Promoting the environmental education and outreaching to the current problems through awareness and education.
  23. Research on wildlife ecology and conservation to understand wildlife condition, population dynamics, and conservation strategies.
  24. Research on one health strategy to understand the interconnecting between human, animal and environmental health.

Trending Scientific Research Topics in Geology

  1. On climate change and geological research topics for studying the rate and impact of changing climate on different biological as well as geological structures, predicting and forecasting the future climates from past records.
  2. Research on volcanology and its hazards along with tracing the volcanic eruptions, its monitoring and mitigation strategies.
  3. Improvement and advancement in seismology and earthquake for prediction and thereby protections of livestock from natural calamities, the pre-preparation plans and possible forecasting through advanced technological based research.
  4. Evaluating the geological hazards and risk assessment associated with landslides, tsunamis, hurricane and other geological hazards.
  5. Investigating on plate tectonics, boundary processes, subduction zones and nature of plate movements.
  6. Advancement in geochronology for predicting accuracy in dating methods for rocks, minerals, biological specimens and fossils using modern tools and methods.
  7. Studying mineralogy and petrology to examine and investigate the formation, composition and properties of minerals and rocks.
  8. Research on hydrogeology and water sources like groundwater and studying its rate of flow, contamination and purity for sustainable groundwater management.
  9. Investigating on geological mapping and remote sensing for obtaining satellite imagery and geospatial technology for geological mapping and analysis.
  10. Understanding geomorphology through research to outline the nature of landforms, erosion processes and its evolution.
  11. Research on geochemistry for determining the chemical composition of rocks, minerals, and Earth’s interior.
  12. Findings on geological exploration and resource assessment for assessing mineral, energy resources and rare earth elements.
  13. Geological storage of CO2 for carbon capture and storage (CCS) in geological formations.
  14. Studying the planetary geology of planets, moons and celestial bodies for our alternative resource.
  15. Research on topic-glaciology for understanding the formation of glaciers, ice sheets as well as their melting processes and studying on the factors affecting the melting of glaciers.
  16. Understanding sedimentology and stratigraphy for sediment deposition, layers formation and the interpretation of rock layers.
  17. Investigation on structural geology to predict the deformation of rocks and the formation of geological structures.
  18. Applying geological engineering for betterment in civil engineering, earthquake resistant building, structures and infrastructure development.
  19. Research on environmental geology and the impact of human activities on the earth’s geology and ecosystems.
  20. Investigating on geophysical exploration for subsurface exploration and maximizing resource discovery.
  21. Investigation on geological records of mass extinctions, past mass extinction events and their causes for knowledge and future predictions.

Trending Scientific Research Topics in Botany

  1. Research on plant genetics and genomics for gene expression, gene pool and genetic diversity.
  2. Finding the effect of climate change and plant responses to adjust in changing environmental conditions.
  3. Understanding plant physiology and processes to facilitate proper growth, development and treat the physiological disorders in plants with suitable methods.
  4. Research on plant and microbe Interactions to find out their benefits in different crops like paddy, maize, legumes with different microbe including mycorrhizal fungi and rhizobia.
  5. Studying plant evolutionary biology to trace plant evolution, relationship among species, lineages and their adaptations.
  6. Research on plant taxonomy and systematics for naming newly discovered plant species and molecular phylogenetics.
  7. Studying on conservation biology to protect and conserve endangered plant species, their habitat, vulnerability and ecosystems.
  8. In plant biotechnology to modify suitable plants species for maximizing agricultural yields, pharmaceuticals essentials and for biofuels productions.
  9. Enhancing through depth study on plant breeding and crop Improvement for better quality, yields and boosting their resistance to pests and diseases.
  10. Research on medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) to extract essentials components and oils for ayurvedic and natural medicine sources with least or no side effects.
  11. Studying the plant ecology to understand the interactions between plants and their environments, their habitats and life cycle.
  12. Exploring and enhancing the traditional uses of plants by indigenous cultures either for food, medicine or in cultural practices by utilizing ethnobotany principle.
  13. Understanding plant adaptations and their adaptational methods in plants habituating in desert, water, ice land and oceans.
  14. Investigating on plant fungal interactions in providing better health, nutrients, essentials components through symbiotic relationships including mycorrhizal and endophytic relationships.
  15. In plant metabolomics topics for analyzing the chemical compounds produced by plants and its importance in ecological relationships as well as for commercial or industrial significance.
  16. Research on plant signaling and communication to external stimuli for predicting their behavior and their response to different external agents along with production of chemicals during response.
  17. Conducting research on invasive plant species on native ecosystems and developing control methods and strategies.
  18. Investigating on plant reproductive biology to understand reproduction, pollination and ovulation in plants along with nature of seed dispersal and germination.
  19. On plant pathology to discover symptoms of diseases, pathogens and their curative method using suitable chemicals or methods without harming the plants, contamination to fruits and seeds.
  20. Exploring on plant molecular biology for investigating molecular processes in plant’s cells, gene regulation, translation, transcription and signal transduction.
  21. In phytochemistry for analyzing the chemical compounds produced by plants and their ecological roles.
  22. Research on plant hormones and their roles on growth, flowering, rooting, shooting, curing wounds and stress.
  23. Investigating on urban ecology and greening on plant communities, benefits of urban green spaces and species distribution, density and physiological conditions in urban habitat.

Trending Scientific Research Topics in Zoology

  1. Conservation biology to protect and conserve endangered and vulnerable species.
  2. Research on animal behavior and ethology for balancing ecosystem, protecting endangered species through mating and studying on communication behavior in animals.
  3. Understanding wildlife ecology through research on interactions between animals and their environments, habitats and their ecosystem.
  4. Research on zoo and aquarium Science to provide necessary care to animals, their breeding, conservation methods in ex-situ environment and in aquariums.
  5. Understanding the evolutionary ecology through research on animal species evolution, their ancestry, and adaptations.
  6. Conducting research on birds (ornithology) and their migration, communication, habitat and population dynamics.
  7. Study on marine ecosystems, sea and ocean life to protect and conserve marine species.
  8. Research on reptiles (Herpetology) and amphibians to know their physiology, behavior, biological and ecological importance.
  9. Investigating in mammalogy to study mammals, including their physiology, population, conservation methods, adaptation and behavior.
  10. Research on invertebrate zoology like insects, arachnids, and marine invertebrates for better adjusting in the ecology and environment.
  11. Research on entomology (insects) for economical and biological purposes along with their conservation.
  12. Recovering endangered species through different technical methods and re-bringing the species in the nature.
  13. Investigating on animal cognition for testing animal intelligence and their problem-solving abilities.
  14. Conducting research on animal welfare and captivity.
  15. Study on zoogeography to know the distribution of animal species on particular geographic region along with factors that influences the habitat of animal species.
  16. Investigating on animal physiology and processes that governs their growth & development and thereby understanding the physiological nature in them.
  17. On comparative anatomy to study the anatomical similarities and differences among the animal species.
  18. Conducting research topics on animal communication, vocalizations in birds like parrots and their body language.
  19. On invasive species biology and their impact on native ecosystems.
  20. Research on animal migration, their mechanism and patterns including birds and fish.
  21. Conserving endangered animal and bird species by conservation genetics.
  22. Exploring molecular zoology to explore cell’s processes, Exploring molecular processes, gene regulation and genomics.
  23. Research on animal microbiomes associated with animals and its role in health and ecology.

Trending Scientific Research Topics in Meteorology and Hydrology

  1. Predicting extreme weather events for studying the cause and impacts of extreme weather events, to forecast hurricanes, heatwaves and heavy rainfall.
  2. Climate change and meteorology for investigating the effects of changing climate on weather, temperature, precipitation and storm behavior.
  3. Weather prediction and modeling for advances in numerical weather prediction and forecasting accuracy.
  4. Research on atmospheric chemistry to predict composition in atmosphere and its interactions with pollutants and greenhouse gases.
  5. Aerosols and climate topics for cloud formation and their impact on climate.
  6. Research on tropical meteorology for forecasting of tropical cyclones and monsoons.
  7. Depth study on space weather for monitoring space weather and its impact on earth’s atmosphere and environment.
  8. Understanding mesoscale meteorology through research for phenomenal thunderstorms and tornadoes.
  9. Investigating the links between weather and health conditions for detailing public health, heat related illnesses and air quality.
  10. Investigating and developing climate tools and services to help society adapt and mitigate the impacts of climate change.
  11. Advancement in hydrological models for better understanding and managing water resources.
  12. Predicting and modeling of hydrological problems and it’s solution for quality freshwater sources, contamination, and mitigation strategies.
  13. Research on groundwater hydrology and its quality, rate of flow and sustainable groundwater management.
  14. Analyzing and predicting hydrological extremes to predict natural disasters like floods and droughts.
  15. Development in urban hydrology through research for urbanization and sustainable urban water management.
  16. Wetland hydrology for wetland ecosystems study, their hydrological functions, and conservation efforts.
  17. Restoration of river and its management with well-studied strategies for betterment in river ecosystems and aquatic habitats.
  18. Developing new models and approaches for hydrological remote sensing for monitor and accessing water resources.
  19. Research on interdisciplinary disciplines in hydro informatics for hydrological and meteorological predictions and consumptions.
  20. On Integrated water resources management topics for managing water resources in social, economic, and environmental factors.
  21. Researching and findings on building resilience to hydrological extremes and climate change impacts.

Trending Scientific Research Topics in Computer Science and AI

trending research topics on computer science and ai
  1. Deep scaling and developing artificial intelligence and machine learning for different sectors like education, healthcare, transportation, chat bots etc.
  2. Developing pre-trained language models using natural language processing (NLP) and conversational.
  3. In depth research and development in computer vision for object detection and tracking, image and video generation, image captioning and medical image analysis.
  4. Advancing in the existing as well as developing new models of robots using robotics techniques for autonomous work flow, deploying in hotels and restaurants for customer help and communications.
  5. Quantum computing and developing new codes, algorithms, quantum hardware and cryptography.
  6. Developing and discovering new methods to control cybersecurity, threat detection and mitigation, blockchain security.
  7. Data science and big data science depth study for protecting data privacy and ethics, data-driven decision making and streaming analytics.
  8. Cloud Computing research topics in server less computing, cloud native application, edge computing and multi cloud management system.
  9. Internet of Things (IoT) for developing better security, healthcare, smart cities etc.
  10. Development and research on autonomous vehicles, modern cars, drone technology, traffic management system, vehicle to everything (V2X) communication using different modern IT approaches.
  11. In data privacy and ethics for fairness and bias in AI, privacy-preserving machine learning, ethical AI development.
  12. Edge computing for development of Edge AI, Edge devices and Sensors
  13. Using computer technology in computational biology for modeling molecular structure, visualizing 3D chemical and biological molecules, drug discovery, immunology predictions.
  14. Development in blockchain and cryptocurrencies technology for creating more stronger reliable decentralized finance (DeFi), stablecoins and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)
  15. Quantum Machine Learning in creating hybrid quantum classical algorithms, quantum neural networks, quantum data structures and optimization.
  16. Social computing for social media analytics, online misinformation detection and studying the impact of technology on society.
  17. Development and modeling in computational sustainability for environmental monitoring, conservation optimization, sustainable agriculture and energy efficiency.
  18. Cyber physical systems for the integration of smart grids, autonomous systems in manufacturing and healthcare cyber physical systems.
  19. Quantum Communication topics for development of quantum key distribution (QKD), quantum teleportation, secure quantum communication and internet.
  20. Adversarial Machine Learning fields for defense mechanisms against adversarial attacks, adversarial training, robust AI models and strengthening security in AI systems.
  21. Deploying autonomous agents and multi-agent systems for coordination in multi-agent systems, reinforcement learning, autonomous multi-robot systems and studying economic models of multi-agent interactions.
  22. In Ethics and AI Governance to insure regulation and polies, bias and fairness auditing, accountability and liability.

Trending Scientific Research Topics in Electrical Engineering

  1. Renewable energy systems for solar energy systems, wind, energy and microgrids energy systems
  2. Power Electronics for developing high frequency converters, wide bandgap semiconductor devices and power electronics system for electric vehicles
  3. Smart Grids and Grid Modernization for demand response systems, grid resilience and distributed energy resources
  4. Research and advancement in electric vehicles (EVs) and its charging Infrastructure for longer duration and fast charging techniques.
  5. Internet of Things (IoT) for Smart Systems for development of sensors, devices, protocols, communications, security and massive MIMO technology.
  6. Breakthrough in the world of quantum computing and quantum communication by conducting and experimenting through research.
  7. Development of energy harvesting and wireless power transfer system from ambient sources, resonant inductive coupling and battery free wireless sensors.
  8. Research on robotics and automation for commercial purposes in industries and automations
  9. Research on biomedical electronics and healthcare devices for wearable health equipment, medical imaging and brain machine interfaces
  10. Photonics and optoelectronics for advancement in integrated circuits, communication and photonics.
  11. Finding more advanced methods in radar and sensing technologies for better radar systems, communications and remote sensing
  12. Renewable energy forecasting in wind and solar models,
  13. Development of nanoelectronics and nanotechnology for device design, production of quantum dots, nanowires and nanoscale circuit.
  14. Testing and development of electric power transmission and distribution for high voltage transmission, grid optimization and fault tolerant systems.
  15. Wireless sensor networks for node design, energy efficient protocols and data fusion.
  16. Energy models in efficient electronics and low power devices for maximizing processing power and efficient IC design
  17. Development of human centric computing interfaces for assistive technology, human-machine interactions, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
  18. Research on utilizing electric power for large models, propulsion systems, aircraft and aviation.
  19. Development of cyber physical systems (CPS) for detection and prevention cyber-attack, securing autonomous Systems and industrial control systems.
  20. Modeling, testing and analyzing of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and signal integrity.

Trending Scientific Research Topics in Chemical and Energy Engineering

  1. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) for development of advanced materials and technology modeling and sequestering CO2 emissions
  2. Research on sustainable energy conversion for converting renewable energy sources into useful fuels and electricity.
  3. Advancement and development of more efficient energy storage systems like batteries, supercapacitors and power storage applications.
  4. Development of alternate source of green energy from electrolysis of water and producing free hydrogen and oxygen for utilizing in different production and storage.
  5. Modern fuels cell technology is on high demand. Research on fuel cell technologies for clean energy generation is an evergreen topic for research.
  6. Production and modeling of biofuels and biorefineries by researching on different lignocellulosic biomass and algae.
  7. Process systems engineering for optimization and modeling of chemical and energy processes for efficiency and sustainability.
  8. Research for the synthesis and applications of carbon nanotubes and graphene in energy and materials science using suitable carbon nanomaterials
  9. Converting biomass waste to be utilize in different source of energies for powering systems, cooking and cooking biofuels.
  10. Research on advanced materials for Energy in development of novel materials for energy storage, conversion, and transmission.
  11. Research on energy efficiency buildings to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.
  12. Advanced nuclear energy modeling through research on reactor design and nuclear waste management.
  13. Development of smart grids and energy management for intelligent griding systems, demand-side management for efficient energy distribution.
  14. 1Research on technologies and processes that aim to achieve a carbon-neutral or net-zero carbon footprint using advanced carbon neutral technologies.
  15. Utilization of waste heat from nuclear plant and machineries for reusable energy generation.
  16. Advanced process control by deploying and testing different automations control system for maximizing products and reducing man power.
  17. Analysis of energy policies and demands in the market to maintain energy requirements as per the need.
  18. Research on thermoelectric materials that can convert waste heat into electricity.
  19. Advancement in solar fuels that can operate large systems, drive chemical reaction and induce artificial photosynthesis.
  20. Conducting efficient carbon neutral transportation for sustainable transportation.
  21. Research on energy and water nexus for interconnectedness of energy and water resources, including water-efficient energy production.

These are the trending scientific research topics for natural as well as applied science fields. You can choose any of those as per your interest to carry your project work.