Top 15 Trending Computer Science Projects and Ideas For 2023

As the world is growing more rapidly with the technology, it gave rise to various sub-disciplinary fields for students and researchers to specialize and a chance to perform related projects. Computer science is an emerging technology fields and are also in demand among people belonging to different backgrounds. For computer science field, here are the list of 15 trending computer science projects for 2023 & 2024 that are popular among students, colleges and universities around the globe.

top trending computer science project 2023

These projects are valuable for students on their final years of study who are searching for trending computer science project’s topics.

Top 15 Trending Computer Science Projects for 2023

The list of top trending computer science projects and ideas for 2023 are:

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  2. Analysis of leading apps and platforms.
  3. Web Scrapping & automations
  4. Cybersecurity
  5. Automation in web and news technology
  6. Building AI chatbots
  7. Developing cross-platform apps using React Native or Flutter
  8. Open-Source Contributions
  9. Object detection and tracking in images and videos
  10. Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  11. Modern Library Management System
  12. Weather Forecasting App
  13. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) projects
  14. e-Authentication system
  15. Block chain and Cryptocurrency Projects

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML has wide range of projects. NLP, Deep learning, Robotics, Autonomous system, Big data are some interesting project topics.
You can choose any related topics and dive deeper. For example: if you choose to work on deep learning project, you can outline the necessary components, library and tools. Then work on basic architects and move slowing to advanced models. You’ll need the support of your supervisor or seniors frequently.
AI and MI projects gives you a deeper knowledge to understand the working models of different AI/ML architects. This’ll boost your working capabilities and increases your chance being hired by top leading employers.

Analysis of leading apps and platforms

Research on top leading apps like Uber, WhatsApp, TikTok and their algorithms behinds their success.
The project can be carried out by choosing any one app or platforms of your interest and carrying intense research on it. The project will at least conclude on why people choose it, its algorithms, coding languages used, demographic and age popularities, monetization options, shortcomings etc.
Carrying this project will help you understand the world of leading apps, their success, methods to overcome current shortcomings and developing possible alternative to it.

Web Scrapping & automations

Web scrapping is important technique to learn either to earn as freelancer, build own projects or hired by companies.
The project can be performed by choosing top leading website like Amazon, Shopify or of your interest. You can choose different programming like Javascript and python libraries like Beautiful soup, Scrapy, Selenium etc. You can scarp the valuable data like products price, trending products, new arrival, highest sold products.
This will help you get the ecommerce stats. Furthermore, you can save these data and use it to display in web applications and automations projects.


Cybersecurity is the most common project that are preferred by many. The project in this technology field should aim for strengthening the security and prevent possible attack in the application and system.
Cybersecurity project can be carried out by choosing any accessible application or software and conducting research on it. You can develop different methods to prevent attack on the particular application. You can also test for penetrations, malwares, viruses and other evolving threads. You can also report on different device and network securities.
On completion, you can attach it in your resume that will boost your hiring or for paid projects.

Automation in web and news technology

web automation computer science projects

Automation is the most relax word to listen in computer science field. Design algorithm and it will complete your work on autopilot. That’s the beauty of automation.
The project in automation can be carried out by choosing any parent website like governmental websites, publication websites, automation tools and scraped data. The scrapped data can be stored and modified using python for adding extra phrases and paragraphs. Then finally publishing in desired news platforms and websites.
This will help you understand the automation processes and building niche related website of your own or for your clients. Note: Before scrapping data from websites, you should comply with respective website’s policy.

Building AI chatbots

AI chatbots are like assistant that can be used for costumer interactions in restaurants, hotels and companies.
Building AI chatbots is super smart project. You can choose advance languages with integration of AI technology for better performance. Testing and retesting your projects will improve the functionalities and interaction capabilities. You need to follow different sources like books, GitHub repositories and help from senior developer to build your first AI chatbot.
This type of project will reflect your strength in AI and coding. It will definitely help you in getting jobs from top tier companies.

Developing cross-platform apps using React Native or Flutter

Cross platforms are amazing in many ways. It can run the same code on both Android and IOS apps. It saves time, cost and maintenance problems for separate Android and IOS scripts.
Cross platform project can be carried out by using suitable language like React Native or Flutter. You can choose any one of these cross-platform language as per your expertise. And then build a gaming, restaurant, banking or service related apps.
This will help you get experience in developing cross platform apps and the ideas behind their frameworks. It’ll also increase your chance for job postings since various companies are in demand for cross-platform developers.

Open-Source Contributions

Contributing to open-source platforms like solving its problems, developing additional functionality and plugins are cool projects that you can work on. Open-Source projects for platforms like GitHub, WordPress includes problems and bug solving, new plugins development, addition of extra functionalities etc. You can also work on strengthening security and modeling various plugins for WordPress.
Contribution to Open-Source gives you an international exposure and increases your chance being hired by top companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

Object detection and tracking in images and videos

Object detection in images and videos is really amazing. Object detection and tracing can help in image segmentation detection.
This project can be carried out by collecting different emotional based pictures, videos and graphics. By using suitable object-oriented programs and python libraries, you can feed those pictures into the algorithm and let the system to detect the sentiments related to the graphics.
The success of this project can proof your specialization in object detection and tracking technology in images. This type of technology is useful to understand the sentiments related to graphics.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a very interesting field. NLP projects and applications are playing various roles in our daily life.
You can conduct project in NLP and work on developing conversational agents like Amazon Alexa, sentiment analysis like HubSpot’s customer feedback, language recognition and translation like Google Translate, spelling correction like Grammarly etc. You can also work for projects to convert your native mother language to English or other languages (which are not available in google translate).
This project specialize you working with NLP. It also increases your change of getting jobs in AI and real language-based robotics companies.

Modern Library Management System

Implementing technology in library can save lots of human efforts and also helps in keeping the systematic records of books and readers.
The project in library management system can be carried out by choosing nearby library in your location. First outline the types of books, catalogs, readers, facilities, service hours and other policies provided in the library. And then transferring the hand written outlines into the suitable language algorithms and test the application after successful coding.
You can test the applications and improve for better functionalities including its security and malwares attack. After the successful development, you can offer your project for different libraries that are interested in implementing technology for their library management system.

Weather Forecasting App

Predicting forecasts using previous recorded data by utilizing computer-based programs are with high accuracy. Weather forecasting app are used by millions of users.
For weather forecasting project, you can choose any programming language in which you are familiar. The working algorithm should be designed to store the data and analyze the results for coming days. You can also use google API for simplicity and then redesign the interface with additional advanced features in the application.
On compete development of app, you can either sold it to third parties or upload to Google play store and IOS to generate an income from the subscriptions or ads.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) projects

virtual reality trending computer science projects

Working with VR and AR technology is a smart choice to work for the future.
AR and VR technology can be applied for developing VR/AR applications for gaming, education or for enterprise. You can choose any one niche and start working from the outlines and basics. You can first create the 3D characters, environments, tools and menus related to specific niche.
Working experience with VR and AR opens the door for most competitive jobs offers.

E-Authentication system

E-authentication are important to verify the real person. By using authentication in the form of text messages, email verification, OTPs and calls, the applications can be made secure and only accessible to right person.
e-authentication projects include implementation of authentication system through emails, txt messages, OPTs and PIN verifications. You can choose any one verification to verify the right person. You can also limit the functionalities based on the types of authentication and user type.
Developing more secure authentication system are always primary need. Completion of this project increases you chance for getting jobs in technology security companies.

Block chain and Cryptocurrency Projects

Block chain is the most advanced technology that are used for creating cryptocurrency and decentralized systems. Though there are different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, there will always be a place for new Crypto in market.
Block chain and Cryptocurrency project are more advanced and typically a brainwash project. It requires typical thinking and strong mathematical background. You can either choose to strengthen the chain used in crypto or code for new cryptocurrency to launch in the market.
Block chain technology is highly prestigious. Excellent projects on this topic will give you an international exposure along with an high competitive package offers.

Computer science field is on high demand in present time. If you are in your final year of your computer science degree and searching for trending topics, the above-mentioned topics will definitely help you for your project. You can choose one as per your interest and expertise. Choosing these trending project will definitely boost your experience and prepare you for getting jobs or for further studies.