Top 350+ Trending Nursing Research Topics and Ideas

Selection of proper nursing research topics are important and can enhance the researcher career. Good research topics can open a multiple gateway such as international exposure, peer connections, publication in top journals etc. Trending nursing research topics for BSc students are important. Reviewing the trends in nursing is a smart way to solve recent problems in nursing science. This also gives a great opportunity among researchers to showcase their technical and problem-solving skills.

trending nursing research topics

There are various popular nursing research topics for a research work. Here are the best 350+ trending research topics for 2023 that you can choose for your final year’s project work or for your nursing science career.

Major Trending Research Topics for Nursing Students

The most popular list of research topics for nursing students are:

  • Research on adult nursing.
  • Child care nursing research.
  • Research on midwifery nursing.
  • Advancement in elderly care.
  • On Women’s health care.
  • Mental health nursing.
  • Advancement in pain management methods.
  • Research on primary healthcare.
  • In depth study on Obstetrics
  • Improvements on nursing careers topics
  • Quantitative nursing research ideas
  • Intervention Research Topics

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Characteristics of Good Nursing Research Topics

Before choosing a topic for research, it is important for a researcher to study the relevancy of the topic from every prospective. Good nursing research topics should possess characteristic key features such as its relevant, value and others. Here are the key characteristics of good nursing research topics.

  • Relevance
  • Significance
  • Feasibility
  • Clarity
  • Measurability
  • Applicability
  • Innovation
  • Interest and Motivation
  • Sustainability
  • Practicality
  • Access to Data
  • Peer Interest

Let’s explore all the trends in each of the major nursing research topics.

Adult Nursing Research Topics

  1. Exploring Innovative approaches to acute coronary syndrome treatment
  2. Unraveling the root causes of anxiety disorders beyond the surface.
  3. Pioneering non-chemical practices for managing bipolar disorder.
  4. Innovative in the strategies and technologies for future cardiology.
  5. Navigating the complexity of cardiovascular imaging and gender gap
  6. Real life migraine case studies and effective managements.
  7. Holistic mental health and psychiatric care for adults.
  8. Battling the obesity epidemic for weight management.
  9. The science of exercise and sports medicine for better performance and recovery.
  10. Dental and oral health in the country for prevention to rehabilitation.

Child Care Nursing Popular Research Topics

  1. Exploring the Impact pandemic on children and their mental health
  2. Strategies to enhance childhood vaccination rate and factors contributing to vaccine hesitancy
  3. Pediatric Obesity and Nutritional Intervention to promoting healthy eating habit.
  4. Innovations, improvements and advancements in neonatal healthcare over certain time periods.
  5. Child nursing ethics and decision making in pediatric care.
  6. Antibiotic resistance in pediatric and infected children.
  7. Investigating the effects of environmental pollutants in early childhood.
  8. Speech and language disorders among pediatrics.
  9. Advancement and innovative pediatric cancer treatments.
  10. Identification and solutions to challenges in pediatric nursing practice.
  11. Diagnosis, strategies and management of respiratory illness in children.

Midwifery Nursing Research Topics

  1. Exploring the maternal & neonatal practices in rural areas.
  2. Analysis, investigation and significance of first antenatal appointment.
  3. Examination of different periods in mental illness & post-natal period.
  4. Analysis and performance of shift study midwives & its duration.
  5. Investigation on self-instruction kits & natal safety.
  6. Concept and experience factors in midwifery continued care.
  7. Examination and challenges to gestational weight gain and management.
  8. Analysis of childbirth efficacy methods and interventions.
  9. Factors contributing to positive birth experience and its case study.
  10. Safety rules and guidelines to obese pregnant women safety rules.

Elderly Care Nursing Research Topics

  1. Investigating the prevalence, causes and management of joint disorders in elderly population.
  2. Latest trends and techniques to treat Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. Examination, management and implication of atrial fibrillation.
  4. Research on most effective and patient centric approaches to cure bladder cancer and therapy.
  5. Investigation on cardiovascular risk reductions.
  6. Analyzing the critical care requirements in elderly care.
  7. Delve into the ethical considerations in geriatric nursing and ethics.
  8. Latest advancements in stroke & cerebrovascular geriatrics diseases.
  9. Investigation and advancement in curing restless legs syndrome in elderly patients.
  10. Investigation and management of brain disorders among elders.

Women’s Health Trending Nursing Research Topics

women health nursing research topics
  1. Investigating the impact of maternal mental health on pregnancy and child development.
  2. Evaluating the effectiveness of cervical cancer screening and strategies
  3. Assessing the impact of comprehensive menstrual health education on young girls.
  4. Examining disparities in postpartum care disparities among diverse populations.
  5. Analyzing the factors influencing breastfeeding and duration.
  6. Researching on reproductive health and LGBTQ+ Women.
  7. Investigating the impact of sexual health education and STDs.
  8. Assessing the effectiveness and accessibility of telemedicine for prenatal care.
  9. Studying interventions and supportive factors on women experiencing domestic violence.
  10. Exploring improved methods for diagnosing and managing endometriosis pain and infertility.
  11. Investigating the causes of maternal mortality and pregnancy complications.
  12. Investigating the factors of menopause and effect of hormone therapy.
  13. Investigating the factors affecting fertility and Infertility in women.
  14. Investigating the causes and risk factors of vaginal atrophy.
  15. Investigate the impact of cultural variations in women’s health.

Mental Health Nursing Research Topics

  1. Investigating the underlying factors of depression onset.
  2. The impact of telehealth on mental health nursing care during pandemics.
  3. Stigma reduction strategies in mental health nursing practice.
  4. Unraveling the complexities of alcohol use disorders.
  5. Advancements in schizophrenia assessment and diagnosis.
  6. Integrating mindfulness and meditation techniques in mental health nursing interventions.
  7. The role of mental health nurses in preventing suicide and self-harm.
  8. Addressing the mental health needs of older adults in long-term care facilities.
  9. Adolescents, aggression, and video game influence on mental health.
  10. Navigating the burden of stress among law enforcement officers.
  11. Exploring the mental health nursing and artificial intelligence in patient assessment and intervention.
  12. The effectiveness of group therapy in inpatient psychiatric settings.
  13. Gender-specific mental health care for transgender and non-binary individuals.
  14. The use of technology and apps in monitoring and supporting mental health patients.
  15. Psychopharmacology advancements and their impact on nursing practice.

Trending Nursing Research Topics on Pain Management

  1. Navigating Opioid Utilization and managements in rheumatoid arthritis pain.
  2. Crafting effective guidelines for alleviating headaches.
  3. The role of nursing in optimizing non-pharmacological pain relief methods.
  4. Debunking the botulinum toxin conundrum in pain alleviation.
  5. Integrating holistic approaches in chronic pain management.
  6. Pediatric pain management practices and advancements.
  7. Pioneering approaches to precision injections in pain management.
  8. Managing pain in palliative care and end of life situations.
  9. Unmasking the secrets of myofascial pain rehabilitation.
  10. Exploring the enigma mechanism in phantom pain phenomena.
  11. The use of technology and telemedicine in remote pain consultation.
  12. Cultural considerations in pain assessment and treatment.
  13. The impact of chronic pain on mental health and nursing interventions.
  14. Nursing interventions for pain management in older adults.
  15. Addressing pain disparities and inequities in healthcare.

Trending Primary Healthcare Nursing Research Topics

  1. Guiding primary care with evidence based best practices.
  2. Evaluating the effectiveness of nurse-led primary care clinics in underserved communities.
  3. The role of private sectors in shaping mental health services.
  4. Improving health literacy and patient engagement in primary healthcare settings.
  5. The impact of telehealth on access to primary care services and patient outcomes.
  6. Primary healthcare models for managing chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension.
  7. Collaborating with local pharmacists to enhance physician practices.
  8. Exploring the role of nurse practitioners in expanding access to primary care.
  9. Scrutinizing bias in healthcare financing strategies.
  10. Patient-centered care and shared decision-making in primary healthcare.
  11. Promoting preventive care and vaccinations in primary healthcare.
  12. Primary care nursing workforce issues and recruitment strategies.
  13. Aging populations and the challenges of geriatric primary healthcare.
  14. Innovative technologies and their impact on primary care nursing practice.
  15. Primary care in rural and remote areas: access and delivery challenges.

Nursing Research Topics on Obstetrics

  1. Navigating ethical considerations in abortion care.
  2. The impact of maternal stress on pregnancy outcomes.
  3. Breastfeeding practices and their influence on infant health.
  4. Empowering Adolescents through comprehensive gynecological education.
  5. Reducing maternal mortality and improving obstetric care in developing countries.
  6. The role of midwives in promoting and managing delivering safe and natural childbirth.
  7. Investigating the underlying factors of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy.
  8. Methods for preparing expectant mothers for caesarean section procedures.
  9. Refining tools and protocols for labor and delivery supervision.
  10. Obstetric violence and patient rights during childbirth.
  11. Preventing preterm birth and its associated complications.
  12. Implementing evidence-based practices in obstetric nursing.
  13. Nursing care for high-risk pregnancies and multiple gestations.
  14. Innovations in pain management during labor and delivery.
  15. Supporting women with perinatal mood disorders and postpartum depression.

Nursing Careers Research Topics

  1. The Impact of Nurse and patient ratios on job satisfaction and outreach.
  2. Relationship between nursing specialization and career advancement.
  3. Role of mentorship in shaping nursing careers and employment.
  4. Methods in mastering the art of critical care nursing administration.
  5. Challenges and success strategies in nursing career transitions.
  6. Unearthing insights from nursing Theorists’ Legacies.
  7. Deciphering the nuances of clinical nursing roles.
  8. Fostering diversity in healthcare nursing and differences.
  9. Remote and telehealth nursing opportunities and challenges
  10. Strategies for coping with stress during night shifts and safeguard.
  11. The digital revolution, AI and Its implications for the future of nursing.
  12. The Influence of continuing education on nursing career trajectories.

Critical Care Nursing Research Topics

  1. Unmasking Gray Gorilla syndrome in critical care settings.
  2. Early sepsis detection and intervention strategies.
  3. Nurse and patient communication in high stress critical care environment.
  4. The role of artificial intelligence in critical care decision making.
  5. Navigating the grief experience in critical care units for sorrow & healing.
  6. The art of decision-making crucible of critical care.
  7. The impact of nurse staffing ratios on patient outcomes & in ICU.
  8. Innovations in pain management for critical care patient.
  9. Nursing interventions to prevent delirium in the ICU.
  10. Harnessing simulation training for novice critical care nurses.
  11. Reducing healthcare associated infections in critical care services.
  12. Post intensive care syndrome (PICS) and long-term patient recovery.

Nursing Intervention Research Topics

  1. Nursing Interventions in abdominal surgery and bridging recovery.
  2. The role of music in nursing interventions for harmonizing healing.
  3. Effectiveness of nurse led chronic disease management programs.
  4. Improving medication adherence among patients using nursing strategies.
  5. Nurse role led in interventions for reducing hospital readmissions.
  6. Nursing interventions in diagnosed cancer cases for empowering lives.
  7. Preventive health education in nursing and benefits.
  8. Innovations in children nursing interventions for better child health.
  9. Culturally competent nursing in diverse patient populations.
  10. Nursing interventions for anxiety reduction pre-surgery serenity.
  11. Implementing art therapy in adult nursing interventions for healing.
  12. Crafting effective nursing interventions for emergency room care.

Quantitative Nursing Research Topics

Quantitative nursing research topics
  1. Analytical examination for depth studying of critical care nursing.
  2. A quantitative appraisal assisted suicide ethics and spotlight.
  3. Assessing the efficacy of telehealth in chronic disease management.
  4. Quantifying the effectiveness of pain assessment scales in pediatric nursing.
  5. Measuring the outcomes of nurse-led smoking cessation interventions.
  6. The imperative for staying Informed in nursing’s innovation quotient.
  7. Nurse roles in life threatening disease care for guidance.
  8. Analyzing the relationship between nurse-patient ratios and medication errors.
  9. Evaluating the utilization of health information technology in nursing care.
  10. Quantifying the effects of early mobilization protocols in ICU patients.
  11. Quantitative analysis of care on homeward bound vs. nursing home.
  12. Impact of nursing workforce diversity on healthcare disparities.

Hot Trending Nursing Research Topics

  1. Research on evolving methods to improve patient care and outcomes.
  2. Research on nurse-patient ratio and its effects on quality of care.
  3. Research on effective pain assessment and interventions for several pain management.
  4. Evaluating the methods and approaches in nurse training and curriculum development.
  5. Research on reducing medical errors and enhancing patient safety.
  6. Research methods for improving care and outcomes for patients with chronic illnesses.
  7. Exploring the role of nurse leaders in healthcare and organizations.
  8. Research on nurse stress, burnout, and strategies for improving well-being.
  9. Investigating the impact of telemedicine and technology on nursing care and practice.
  10. Studying the mental health needs for patients and the role of nurses for it.


This is the list of all trending topics in nursing science field. You can choose among the 350+ topics depending on your interest and expertise. These listed trending nursing topics are based on popularity, people’s interest and evidence based.